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What You Ought to Know About Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Depression is considered to be a severe mood disorder that causes chronic sadness and unpredictable mood fluctuations. Dealing with depression is not easy. After you have been diagnosed with depression, you will have to find an effective depression treatment, which will suit your needs and help you to deal with depression symptoms. The number of depression treatments has increased greatly. Transactional Magnetic Stimulation is an effective depression treatment, which you can consider. This article will discuss some of the most important facts you should know about this depression treatment.

How TMS Works

TMS is not an invasive treatment approach. Therefore, it does not involve any surgical procedures. If you suffer from depression, the right side of your brain will be more active than the left side.Typically, the right side of the brain is responsible for generating negative emotions. In this case, when this side of the brain becomes more active, it causes negative emotions such as chronic sadness. The left side of the brain is responsible for generating positive emotions. During treatment, doctors place magnetic coils on the left sides of the patients brains. Once the coil is placed on the left side of the brain, it helps to increase brain activity. Thus, triggering the generation of positive emotions, which gradually help to do away with symptoms of depression.

The Possible Risks

TMS is not associated with severe side effects. There are certain patients that, however, experience some minor side effects. Discomforts and headaches are among the most common minor side effects that patients experience.If the discomfort and headaches last for a long duration you should seek immediate medical assistance. Patients that receive treatment from under qualified medical practitioners complain of serious side effects such as seizures.In this case, patients are advised to hire the services of competent medical practitioners who have experience in rendering this treatment approach.

The Amount of Time Taken

Unlike other depression treatment methods, this treatment method does not take up too much time.On average, this treatment approach takes about 20 minutes. The number of sessions you will need will depend on the extent of your condition. More often than not, patients are required to have sessions for at least six weeks. For you to verify the number of sessions you need, you will need to see a competent medical practitioner. After conducting thorough examinations, the doctor you consult will be in a position to tell you the exact number of sessions you will require.

If you do not want to undergo any surgery, experience any adverse effects, or take up a lot of time, you can opt to use this treatment approach.

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