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What You Need to Know Before Doing Trademark Registration.

Every business has a brand image that helps it to be identifiable by their clients, and this is what we refer to as the trademark of the business. When choosing your brand mark, you should be cautious and select one that doesn’t correspond with whatever your rivals are having. You should be creative around what you use as your trademark, and it could be words, phrase, symbol or a combination of ideas.

Your brand is your intellectual property and the only way to protect it is by registering your trademark. It is advisable to register your trademark as it gives you only the right to use the mark and if anyone claims to own the trademark yet they have not registered it then you can sue them for impersonation.

When you are planning to register your trademark, it is advisable to hire a trademark attorney to help you out with the registration process. The advantage of hiring a trademark lawyer is to ease the registration process as they have experience in such matters and they know what is required to pass the registration process. If you don’t know any trademark lawyer to hire, you can search the online directory for recommendations. If you feel like you can’t afford to pay for the attorney fees to get help with the registration process, you can search for lawyers that offer the services free or at a small charge for small business, or you can use the federal registration portal to get more guidelines on successful trademark registration.

You should brainstorm through the marks that you would love to encompass on your trademark before going to the department for the registration. Your mark should depict what your firm is all about without having to find out more information about it. The other thing is to search through the federal portal to see if the trademark has been used already by another business or not. When you go to do the search, you might find that the mark has been used by another firm and to avoid cases of having to start the process of drafting a new one, you should initially draft several designs so that if one doesn’t go through, you will have other options to try.

The trademark that you choose should be within the set regulations for a mark to be registered and protected lawfully and you can find out if your mark qualifies by checking with your lawyer. Choose a strong mark that is lawfully protectable, and it should not be conflicting with existing marks but something unique and something that is easy to remember.

The mode of trademark registration can either be online or by filling hard copies obtained at the registration office. Once you follow all the requirements of the trademark registration, you should pay the fees and wait for the results. Note that the registration charges can’t be refunded no matter the results of the application.

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